I bought a G8 with a motor belt

I bought a G8 with a motor belt. I didn’t buy it for myself, but I needed a means of transportation to use as my parents’ garden shuttle, so I looked into it and found out that the amount was the easiest, so I bought it as a G8 electric bicycle. There are also direct purchases from China, but there are many reviews for less than 500,000 , not too cheap, not too expensive, and I searched for more than 1 million in a cage and purchased it. I was going to buy something like Xiaomi Chicycles that I trust, but I just bought something easy because I didn’t use it. It’s a 20-inch mini Bello. The weight is too heavy to carry, and the battery is just about the weight of an iron TV when you hold a bicycle and ask others to carry it. However, I don’t have to carry around a mini ball like this, so I’ll eat a lot of batteries, but other than that, it doesn’t matter. There was also an exterior like a clover mode, but I haven’t used it properly. It took time to dismantle the package. It was packaged moderately well. The mechanical disc brake was easy to maintain because we had met on the previous bicycle. I think it’s near Miniballo, which is around 200,000 to 300,000 . I think the electricity value of 30 to 40 is added to that, making it the amount of 60 to 70. I think it’s reasonable. My gamble bike is several times more expensive than this. You can see a lot of lines with electrical devices in several places. I think it’s a line for the brake shift, instrument panel, etc. It’s a folding type, but I think it’s uncomfortable to fold. It’s heavy. I think it’s better to go to Brompton, Strida, Dahon, Buddy, and Turn to make it easier to fold. There are headlights and brakes. In the early evening of winter, when the sun is low, I think it’s good enough to check the location of the car driver. It’s the rear wheel. It’s a rear-wheel drive. The electric bicycle has an electricity bill, but this is only the rear wheel. The saddle system is unique. It is bent forward to detach batteries that cannot be seen on regular bicycles. You have to bend down to take out the battery. The battery is heavy. Of course, it’s heavy. Electric vehicles account for a large portion of the battery weight, and so do electric bicycles. You need a key to get rid of the battery. If I don’t have a key, I don’t even start the engine. I think that’s my strength. It’s a back wheel support footstep. I took G8 out with me as a portobello. My father test-drove for the first time. And I also tested it, and it was a new world for electric bicycles. I’m so excited. My father and I weigh about 130 kg together, but the flat land was easy to drive on. It’s more powerful than I thought. I think the maximum speed varies depending on the mode, but I felt like it was fast as I ran quietly with my own strength. He rode it for a few days, and he said he charges his battery about once a week to drink in the neighborhood, and he’s very satisfied with it. The Motobello G8 sounds good. My parents have been on board for two months now, so I’ll have to see if they’re okay even in the summer.