(review) [MAC] MAC single shadow!

I suddenly wondered if stores still sell eye shadow copiers, so I should go back to the store! Mac Soba McSoba McHoney Rust McShadow Recommended McShadow Woori Phil McBase Shadow Max Single Shadow Shade Makeup Cute Sal Shadow MAC I bought this time are MacSoba and McParadisco! Soba is a famous item for shading, so I think you all know it. I don’t know what color the rest is. MAC MAC Eyeshadow 1.3g 20$ and McParadisco are below Mac Soba. Paradise is used a lot for coral and pink makeup. MAC single shadow that I bought after a long time! I used to have a few, but I didn’t know what color it was because I put them in a two-ball container. We invite MAC experts! It’s so pretty using it as a shading makeup, right? MAC Paradisco McHoney Rust McShadow Recommended McShadow Our Feel McBase Shadow Max Single Shadow Shade Makeup Cute Salade MAC Paradisco is pretty when you use it for a point line at the end of your eyes!.

I bought two single shadows from MAC this time, but I didn’t buy a public one. Can you see the subtle pearls? Gold brown color shadow! MAC Maxova McShadow McFaradisco McHoney Rust MacShadow Recommendation MacShadow Our Feel McBase Shadow Shade Shadow Shade Makeup Using MAC Mac Shadow! I’m going to apply McHoney Last as the base. They’re both eyeshadow with subtle pearls! These days, most of them come out as shadow palettes, so I feel good when I buy pretty single shadows and find my own combination. When you make your own shadow palette, do you write down all the shadow names? I skipped it because I was lazy, but the downside is that I don’t know what’s inside. I rarely apply MAC Maxova overall, but I applied it to show you the color! 🙂 It’s a shadow that I usually use for shading.