I believe I will be a big businessman in the future.

I stopped by the peanut store and the owner said. “I wanted to pick it up, but your hand is bigger than mine.” The fact that your hand looks bigger than mine means that you have a business sense. On the way back, when my mother asked me why I didn’t pick up peanuts, the kid smiled and said. “Which of the three conditions is the most necessary for success?” Hugo replies with a smile. I hope you find meaning through funny stories and have a happy time through fun humor. . A wonderful gentleman has humor and expresses all thoughts and stories in metaphors. At the little one’s business wisdom market, a little one of the little ones stopped by the market with his mother. I guess I have to forget this much to become a famous scientist. Thank you. “So cute, kid, eat a handful of peanuts.” But the kid was just listening. “Which wheel is the most important when riding a tricycle?” British gentlemen are humorous and often use metaphors. “No, sir!” It’s okay with you, but it’s a train ticket that I need so much that I can know how far I’m going?” It’s a funny story, but Einstein often forgot about other things because he was focused. Randy Forsy’s confidence Randy Forsy said, “I have 10 tumors in my liver and doctors will be able to live for about three to six months, but it’s been a month since I heard that, so please take care of the calculation.” Randy Posh, a 46-year-old computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University who was sentenced to pancreatic cancer, began his last lecture in September 2007 in front of 400 students and fellow professors. When you think of misfortune, everything is interpreted as misfortune, and when you think of happiness, it is interpreted as happiness. I believe I will be a big businessman in the future. Einstein’s train ticket Einstein Einstein took the train. Today is Sunday to celebrate the Lunar New Year, a holiday. Among today’s humor and funny stories, I post it with meaningful and fun humor. The deputy director started the check, but no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find the ticket. It is said that the pain of adversity comes as joy when you see hope. “Our store cuts your 10,000 won hair more nicely.” This world is a competitive society. “It’s okay, it’s okay to eat a handful.” When I stayed still this time, the uncle picked up a handful and put it in the kid’s pocket. However, the hair salon’s advertisement was provocative. Hello, it’s the Lunar New Year holiday, the Korean holiday. I love you. If the day is good, my eldest son’s salt business will be good, and if it rains, my son will be good at umbrella business, so I envy him.” Unfortune and happiness are differences in thoughts. But Einstein said, embarrassed. The way to win the competition is who provides more value. “I have two sons, my eldest son is a salt seller, and my younger son is an umbrella seller, but on rainy days like today, I’m worried about my eldest son, and I’m worried about those who sell umbrellas.Oh,” said one person. It was fun humor. It’s a meaningful and fun touching story rather than humor. “We’ll cut it to just 10,000 won, a 50% discount.” The next day, a witty phrase was hung on the window of an old hair salon. It’s a funny story, but it’s meaningful. There are many books and videos called the last lecture. A new hair salon was built right next to a long-standing beauty salon in a competitive neighborhood with wit. It’s a great story with meaning. “Grandpa is very blessed. Please find meaning through fun humor. “I’m sorry if I’m disappointed that I’m not depressed. We wish you a wonderful gentleman and lady using humor and beautiful metaphors. The power to endure and persevere will also be a great business award. I sincerely wish you a happy week through today’s humor. If you cut it more nicely and beautifully, you can win. Isn’t it Einstein, the best scientist of his time? So I told Einstein, who was looking for a ticket, that it was okay. It was a meaningful and interesting story. Haha, haha. I wish you a fun and lucky week. Victor Hugo, a metaphor master, asked Victor Hugo. I gave a little meaning to the story in the dictionary of Choi Kyu-sang’s positivity, who develops positivity while looking at it next to me. When a happy grandfather complained about his happy worries grandfather complained about his son, people asked why. The way to trick the god of death is not to live long, but to live well.” It’s actually a lecture on how to realize your childhood dreams. I hope everyone has a happy holiday and has a fun and rewarding holiday.